Meat Cove-End of the Road

Meat Cove, one of the most beautiful end of the road spots ever

When we left Corney Brook our destination for the day was Meat Cove.  Upon the advice of other travelers we made reservations a few days ahead, and we were glad that we did.  Even though the place was almost deserted when we arrived it slowly filled up by dinnertime.  If you haven’t heard of Meat Cove, it’s probably because you haven’t planned a trip to the Maritimes.  Because if anyone got wind of a Maritime trip they would immediately tell you to stop at Meat Cove.  It is so stunning, the views are even gorgeous on rainy days and the people who own and run the place are just down to earth good people .  The kind of people you meet and hope some of their spirit will rub off on you! This property has been passed down through eight generations of the Maclellan family and I hope it gets passed down to hundreds of generations to come .

Camping on the edge

The ride to Meat Cove is a little harrowing.   We went down hills that didn’t even have the grade posted and I felt sure we were at a ninety degree angle into the earth.  I wouldn’t recommend the  drive on a foggy day-you would miss so many beautiful sites.  Plus not being able to see the road and only the drop offs out of the passenger window would certainly bring you to prayer, lots of it !

This is the last little bit, most of the road is paved -but this portion will definitely slow you down until you get to the campground. Thank you Rasta Novascotiarasta for posting this video on You Tube.

We were on the cliff with no one around
One of the cloudy days

While you are camped here make sure you eat at the Meat Cove Oceanside Chowder Hut-I was addicted to the lobster rolls and chowder !

The beginning of the trail

We did the hike up to what felt like the top of the world.  There really weren’t any trail markers just paths carved by previous hikers.  I think this was Grassy Point but it also could have been Meat Cove Mountain !   We were so exhausted when we returned we forgot to ask what trail it was.  Doesn’t matter it was astounding, awesome,incredible-like being at the top of the world at the end of the earth.  If you go to Meat Cove, please do the hike, you won’t regret it. Fortunately we lucked out and our 2nd day there were blue skies and sunshine.  The rest of the week was rainy and overcast, so I’m very happy we didn’t put the hike off until later in the week.

Hailey waiting for us to catch up
Whew, almost there
Just one more hill
So worth the climb
And for the few hours we were at the top, we were completely alone !
Steep view points and gorgeous views everywhere



That tiny little camper in the center is us
Sunshine and smiles
This hike is so worth the effort
Wild roses all over the place
Very steep cliffs, so be careful



Every direction, the view is more beautiful than the last

Meat Cove is definitely our kind of place. Peaceful and quiet even when the campground was full.  And we were made to feel so welcome by everyone. When the rains came and the dark skied moved in, it was so cozy, drinking hot chocolate with the blankets all tucked in around us.  We would read, look out the windows at the fishing boats and wait for the skies to clear so we could watch the gannets diving.  This is definitely a return visit kind of place.


“There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more.”

Lord Byron

Safe travels and happy trails to my fellow wanderers.