I Am Grateful

Dugan Lake Sunrise

What I’m Listening To on My iPod: Georgica Pond by Johnnyswim

Day 6 of our journey took us to Dugan Lake, only 30 minutes from Greeny Lake.  Did I tell you we are slowly making our journey to Alaska? Very slowly.

Space 18 Dugan Lake

We were in space 18 at Dugan Lake, a forest service site, 6$ a night for seniors-great bargain. No services, just very clean pit toilets and firewood. Oh and mooing cows, all night long, ahh the sounds of the wilderness.  But it does have a pretty hiking path around the lake and we have a family of loons nesting in the shoreline marsh. We also have a muskrat hiding out under the log. Wes is the host here  and he’s really nice. His companion LG (little girl) is a gorgeous extremely smart Border Collie. Now Jim wants a Border Collie puppy!


It’s 530pm and Jim just left to fish, I’m thinking of going out for sunset pics in the kayak, but I’m pooped. I was awake at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Sometimes I just lay in bed and peak out the window looking up at the stars.  When we are on the road not being able to sleep isn’t frustrating. After all what’s better than wrapping yourself in your blanket, watching the sunrise, having a cup of coffee and then taking a long morning nap to make up for the sleep you missed ?



Our 2nd day here we woke to this incredible sunrise.  As I rolled over , out of the corner of my eye, I saw something bright orange.  When I looked out the window I saw amazing colors filling the sky. I grabbed my camera and couldn’t stop taking sunrise shots.


I was in awe, standing on the lakeshore that feeling of being a small little speck in this Universe returned. And that feeling of childlike amazement returned with it. Those are the kinds of moments I live for on the road. And I’m always so very grateful when I get to experience them.






When  I crawled back under the covers, I said to a Jim, ” red Sky in morning, sailor take warning”. And by 5pm we got hit with a torrential rainfall, thunder, hail and winds that rocked Ruby. Hailey crawled into her little safe space under the bed and I pulled the covers up over my head!


By morning the temperature had dropped to 40, after being in the 80’s for two days. Time to move on.

Cobb Lake

Moving on took us to Cobb Lake.  Another find on the iOverlander site.  And another free British Columbia Forest Service site. There were only a handful of campers when we arrived on Wednesday , but by Friday night there wasn’t a single open spot.  We camped out in an open area along the lake and our solar panels loved it-and so did we.




Our first night at Cobb Lake, and we were treated to a ” red Sky at night, sailor’s delight” amazing sunset. The sunset started out as though a storm was on it’s way.  The sky darkened and the sun was shining through openings in the clouds.


That was incredibly awesome to watch the magical changes in the landscape as the sun was setting. And if that wasn’t magical enough, the sky changed to one of those catch your breath skies.

Amazing Cobb Lake Sunset
Muskrat Love



As I was shooting photos from the shoreline this little guy was very curious and kept swimming directly at me, like he was ready for his closeup. Now I can’t stop humming Captain and Tennile’s Muskrat Love.

We met more Roadtrekers here too. Larry and Kathy from Prince George and Kim and Lynn from Victoria. It’s always fun to compare travel adventures and it’s a nice feeling of knowing we  may  cross paths with them again. Oh and I can’t forget Shane and his family. My heart was overwhelmed watching Shane interact with his little girl. It was so obvious and so sweet that she was the absolute center of his Universe. The way he spoke with her, laughed and teased with her and the time and attention he gave her. You could tell he was devoted to his little girl.  It’s always good for the spirit to watch those moments.  The other thing about a Shane, and you ladies will appreciate this, he sounded exactly like Gerard Butler (swoon), from the movie, PS I Love You.

Please don’t think that our traveling is all beautiful sites, incredible sunsets and sunrises and really cool people.  It’s not a Disney movie, it’s life with all of its challenges.

IMG_0371 2
Excuse the smears, this was taken while we were safely inside Ruby !

Like the campers from hell who screeched into the campground after midnight and came within a foot of slamming into the side of Ruby when their brakes gave out.  Listening to their f bombs for an hour after that is not an idyllic setting, trust me on this one.

IMG_0380 2



Oh and then there was our little experiment with distracted driving. Folks, don’t try this at home. Never try and untangle the cord on your sunglasses while driving  down a gravel road lined with mud and large pools of water . If you ignore my warning you could end up like this! ( not that I’m pointing fingers but I was not behind the wheel for this adventure)

Alls well that ends well 

I admit I dropped a few f bombs  and had to walk into the shade of the pine trees to cool off my attitude. Jim felt horrible and I knew that he was beating himself up for not paying attention.  We took deep breaths, called a tow and had some coffee while waiting for our rescue.  Thanks to Derrick from Give Her a Yank Tow Company  , we were happily on our way after he carefully winched us out of the muck.

You learn very quickly that you have to be prepared to face any challenge on the road and not let it affect your travels.  Make the best of it and know that it’s not the end of the world. We recovered and the Coney fries we had from the Brookside Grocery sped up our recovery.  French fries or chocolate whatever works for you, use it!



Tonight we are at Fort Telkwa RV park. Our spot overlooks the river and there is a cool breeze coming in through the open back door. We both had hot showers, cold beer and a great dinner. Now we are snuggled in, and this morning’s disaster is something to laugh and tease about. Don’t worry, we know it could have been worse, but it wasn’t and for that we are grateful. And on that note I found this wonderful prayer about being grateful. Enjoy.


Source of All Blessings by Rabbi Warren Stone
I am Gratefulfor My life
for the Blessings
of My breath
the beating of My heart

I am Grateful
for Beloved Ones who
share life with me
those in our world beside me
and those in worlds beyond my knowing

I am Grateful
to share life with our Human Family
Jewish, Christian, Moslem, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh
May we walk gently upon our Earth

I am Grateful
to be one with All Creation
the flight of bird wings
the swirling of blue shoals oceans deep
the runnings of wilderness creatures
the sway of forests green

I am Grateful
to be part of the spiraling
of all space and time
beyond my imagination
Yes and again Yes I am grateful
to always be here
where else could I go?
For all this and more
I am Grateful

Happy trails and safe travels my friends- for you and your love and support I am grateful.