Welcome to Wandering Under the Stars !


We have been traveling and camping since we met and we will continue until the Universe decides it’s time to stop.  We like all those out of the way spots-where you won’t find the huge campfire party going or twenty wee ones racing around the campground. So our wanderings usually take us to those boondocking spots we all long for.  I hope you enjoy our journey and follow along with us.


This is Hailey, our sweet traveling companion.  She’s been all over the US and Canada with us and she’ll let you know what she thinks of the places we visit !

I found this description of Fernweh,( an ache for distant places,the craving for travel),  over a year ago and it really describes what we both feel:


 Who am I that I ache for places I have never seen? Who yearns for destinations I have never known. That wanderlust plagues me and carries part of my spirit in its outstretched hand. She who dreams of places yet unseen, of moments not yet occurring, of feelings long since felt. She who feels homesickness for distant adventures.  A far-sickness that gnaws on the core of who she is.  She has a need to find the place, the time, the where that she is meant to be. Fernweh is stamped upon her soul. -M.M.