Prepping for Summer Travel

Roasted strawberries for the steel cut oats

We plan on hitting the road in August and I’ve started planning already !   Yes I’m a little excited to get going.  We have a busy summer planned.

Click here for details on our Summertime 2016 Trip

  1. First stop-Silver Lake,Oregon for a Roadtrek Gathering.That’s after we make a stop at my favorite bakery in Oregon: Ken’s Artisan Bakery. We also plan to schedule a stop at the Portland Farmer’s Market at PSU-this is an incredible market.
  2. Second stop-Fresno, California for some secret recon work-I promise to share later.
  3. Third stop-Somewhere between Fresno and Ashton,ID-we will figure it out as we go !
  4. Fourth-a 2 week gig with Habitat for Humanity Care-a-Vanners in Ashton,ID, check them out-it’s a great way to volunteer while you are on the road ! And they have locations all over the country. At some of the locations you have to pay for your site and some locations are free. Ashton works out well because we don’t have to pay for the campsite and hookups and it’s less than five miles from the work-site, so we may be riding our bikes to the site.
  5. Exploring Grand Tetons,Yellowstone,The Beartooth Highway and Montana.


Click here to see the details on our Summertime 2016 Trip


Since Ashton,Idaho puts us almost equal distances from Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons we plan on exploring both during September and part of October. We also plan on doing the Bear Tooth Highway before it closes again for the Winter. And Jim’s really excited-there is supposed to be outstanding fishing just 20 minutes from the work-site in Ashton.

The reason I’m starting to plan now is because I’m in the middle of a major lifestyle change with my eating habits.  I’ve eliminated sugar,caffeine,processed foods,fat free foods,dairy,soy, and white flour products-oh and alcohol too. Since I started April 18th I’ve lost 20 pounds and feel great. I’m sticking with it until I reach my goal-it’s not difficult because there is so much food I can eat and I’m eating three full meals a day with two snacks.  I also have to drink half my weight in water-and right now that’s a lot of water! LOL. It’s called the Fast Metabolism Diet-and it’s really not a diet-it’s truly a way of life. When I reach my goal weight I’ll pretty much stay with it but I will transition to a glass of wine now and then !  And nothing like a good espresso in the morning . But until then I’m really watching what I’m eating and planning my meals ahead of time so I’m not tempted to just throw something together.

Steel Cut Oats with Strawberries and Blue Berries

Today, I’m experimenting with making steel cut oats to take on the road. Since they require precooking, and I would rather be out hiking then cooking inside Ruby, I’ve found a way to cook them in my slow cooker, and then freeze them as individual servings so that all I have to do on the road is thaw them the night before in the refrigerator and warm them on the stove ! Here’s the recipe:

  • Steel cut oats require a 4 to 1 cooking ratio. 4 cups of liquid to 1 cup of oats.  The liquid could be milk,almond milk,water,or soy milk, They should all work pretty well, I used plain water with about 2 teaspoons of sea salt.
  • I added a 3 pints of fresh Washington strawberries that I roasted in the oven. Slice the strawberries in a mix of halves and quarters. Sprinkle just a little (tablespoon or less) sugar or brown sugar or stevia along with 2 tablespoons of vanilla bean paste. Gently mix the berries so they are mostly coated with the sugar and vanilla bean paste.
  • I layered  parchment paper in  my pan to aid in clean up and then placed the strawberries on that.  Bake at 375 for about 20 minutes.  You can make this ahead and add it to the steel cut oats when they are finished cooking in your slow cooker.  I added a pint of fresh blueberries with the strawberries and then packaged everything up.  When we are ready to eat I’ll move a package from the freezer to the refrigeration overnight and the next morning just warm the oats and add cinnamon ,walnuts or almonds and any other fresh fruit I might have on hand.

You can find complete instructions and options over on CookSmarts, click here for their steel cut oats recipe.It’s a healthy nourishing way to start your day !

Are you wondering how we store everything in that little freezer that comes with most Class B RVs?  We added this ARB to Ruby and I love it.  When we lived on the road we grocery shopped usually once a month and froze everything in the ARB.  I also carried this Food Saver-so while we were parked at the grocery store I would re-pack all the freezables before we took off !

We bought ours at Amazon,pricey but well worth it. Great for boon-docking as it runs off of 12v or shore-power.

Foodsaver also bought at Amazon,it’s small so it’s  easy to stash in the cabinets

I’m done cooking and writing for today and going out to enjoy this gorgeous weather we have in Greenbank today !  Happy Trails to my friends and safe travels .

4 thoughts on “Prepping for Summer Travel

  1. Kelly

    I make delish smoothies and freeze ahead for our trips. Rather than pre soak/cook our oats, we just add them to blender along with our protein mix, frozen fruits, chai seeds and almond milk. Our blender self cleans so it’s a snap!


    1. Great idea Kelly! This trip is going to be as off the grid as possible so no heavy wattage appliances- but I’m going to try your way at home,thank you.


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