Corney Brook-Best Campsite on the Cabot Trail


Summer 2015 Cape Breton , Corney Brook Campground

You MUST do the Cabot Trail if you are heading to the Maritimes.  It is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  And considering its reputation the crowds are manageable.  We originally planned on camping at Cheticamp Campground, but when we arrived early afternoon it was pretty crowded.  We looked at the map and Corney Brook looked promising, but small.  We were worried that it would be filled but we took our chances. Oh so happy we did. It’s about 10 miles north of Cheticamp and it’s ocean-view !  Only 20 sites and when we pulled in there were still about 6 ocean front (on the cliff type) available.  By five o’clock the campground was full and people were setting up tents in the grassy area behind the little community cabin. This campground is a little jewel-but warning you-no potable water, no electric, but they do have clean flush toilets and a payphone !  It’s well worth it because of the view and its size.  It’s far enough off the highway that you don’t hear the traffic.

We enjoyed many evenings like this !

The cliff wasn’t too high and there is a trail down to the beach.
Beautiful weather and sunsets the entire time we camped here

There is a beautiful trail across the highway from the campground, it’s a 4 mile roundtrip hike through a beautiful forest and along a creek that takes you up to a refreshing waterfall !  Since there were no showers at the campground, I took a quick dip in the ice cold stream water just to refresh (no soap), wow talk about cold water.  But it got my heart pumping for the hike back.

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Skyline Trail is a must do !

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These two were spotted one morning in the trees behind the little community cabin at Corney Brook-we watched and listened to them all afternoon.


We spent many mornings and afternoons watching the Gannets diving for fish-these are absolutely incredible birds. They plunge straight into the water,sometimes from 100 ft or higher, and spear and swallow the fish before the surface just seconds later.  They are beautiful and one of the largest seabirds.



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We were sad to leave Corney Brook, we could have spent a month camped there and would have been delighted.  We had our view of the younger generation strengthened by Sam and Chelsea after sharing hopes,dreams and views of the world. Our feeling when we left them was that the earth was in good hands.  That’s what is so inspiring about traveling.  It’s easy to get caught up in world affairs and so much negative blah blah blah.  But when you sit with individual people,share ideas and open yourself to the world life looks pretty good. We don’t all agree but deep in our hearts we all have a lot of the same hopes and dreams and that’s good enough for me. While the scenery on this trip was beyond incredible ,it’s the people we met along the way and their spirits that I will carry with me always.

This Summer 2015 trip to the Maritimes,Newfoundland and Labrador is one that will never be forgotten.  Make it happen-it calls to be lived not to be read about on your bucket list-get out there !  Next stop for us will be the infamous Meat Cove on the tip of Cape Breton.  Until then, safe travels,happy trails and remember :

Sometimes you find a good philosophy on Pinterest,seriously !

6 thoughts on “Corney Brook-Best Campsite on the Cabot Trail

  1. Linda

    Thanks for your wonderful blog. We absolutely love the Maritimes and your photos and descriptions are informative and inspiring. We would love to go to Newfoundland this fall but are concerned about leaving our dog in the vehicle for the long ferry ride. Do you have any suggestions about that? Any help would be much appreciated.


    1. Thank you for the kind words Linda. We took Hailey on the North Sydney to Port Aux Basque run , it’s 6-8 hours and she was fine. She’s a 65lb flat coat retriever. We made sure she had water and left a few of the van windows open. It was not hot when we traveled in August so she was fine. We also made sure we didn’t feed her breakfast before the sailing,walked her for a good long time before boarding and darkened the interior of the RV so she felt comfortable. The Argentia is longer, the ferry ride is 12-14hrs, check their website you can kennel your dog if you are worried and have access to your dog for walking during the sailing:–Onboard-Kennels/
      Have fun, it’s a trip of a lifetime !



        Thank you so much for answering. I think we’ll give it a go – we’ll have to practice leaving her alone in the Roadtrek first!

        Sent from my iPad



      2. I’m sure she will be fine, we met some folks traveling in a little Subaru and they were just going to leave their dog inside the vehicle,said they crossed many times and it wasn’t a problem


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