Comforting Blues


For the last few days I’ve been moping around the house, not feeling very grounded, just kind of free floating.  Needless to say I haven’t gotten much done, but today I’m coming out of my fog, just like my sweet Island.  Life goes on and I go on with it.


I love the beauty of this place, it’s like having my own nature television show playing outside my window.  And for the last two days my mood has matched the blues and grays of the Island.  But the sun is trying to break through today-it’s starting to creep across the mountains and soon the fog will lift from the grey water and the foghorns will stop sounding their way through the thick grey pea-soup.  I love that foghorn  sound, it’s such a gentle way of saying look out I’m here , watch out for me.



The deer are coming out of the fog too, wandering the yard, eating the last of the plum tree leaves.  They look so innocent and sweet, those big brown eyes, tolerating my presence.  When I’m out walking around the property I talk to them and let them know I’m only a guest here – they were here long before me and will be here long after I’m gone.



Our neighbor’s cat, Tuxxie is watching me-probably wondering why I’m taking pictures of the deer and not him, he knows he’s a handsome guy-so I indulge him with a few shots.


I love being able to photograph the moments here, they bring me both joy and comfort when my soul is not feeling very grounded.


The fog is lifting and with it the blues of the Island will soon be gone.  And my blues will be gone with it.  Time to replace Miles Davis music playing in the background with good old rock and roll to get my day going.

I hope where ever you are my friends, that nature brings you comfort and joy and beauty.  Safe travels and Happy Trails.

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