Homer-End of the Road


We arrived in Homer August 4th, much earlier than we had planned. Unfortunately anything and every thing we wanted to do was booked solid. Halibut Cove trip, booked solid through August; halibut fishing ditto. So we made the best of it by walking, hiking, reading, playing blog catch up and just enjoying the present moment in quite a beautiful spot. When you drive down the hill into Homer the view is stunning.  The mountains come right down to Kachemak Bay.  We were in search of a quiet boon docking spot, but first we took a little spin around Homer Spit.  It was like a smaller version of what Atlantic City and the boardwalk used to be many years ago- a really smaller version!  We quickly scooted  out of town heading to a boon docking site we found on IOverlander.  It was supposed to be about 17 miles out the East End Rd, and it was!


It was directly off the highway, but not a problem since we were almost at the end of the road anyway and not much traffic headed this way.  We couldn’t believe what a great spot this was.  We were almost level with the glaciers across the bay, an outstanding view and very quiet.


We watched sunrises, sunsets and fog roll into the bay for the next few days and had this place all to ourselves.  Solitude does wonders for the soul.   I spent time looking back on our journey that had brought us to the the proverbial end of the road.  We have seen so much beauty, seriously I cannot tell you how jaw dropping gorgeous Alaska is.  We have avoided cities as much as possible and have spent most of our time in the wilds of Alaska.  That is exactly what this trip was all about.



Who wouldn’t enjoy contemplating life with views like this?  I will continue to be grateful every single minute of every day for the life I have been blessed with. My challenges have been minor when I look at the big picture and my blessings have been many.








We decided after 3 or  4 days it was time to rejoin civilization, you know those tedious chores that need to be done- groceries, propane, Sani dump , laundry and real showers!  We came down off our mountain and joined the craziness on Homer Spit.  The Spit was filled with tourists, cruise ship folks, locals and lots of RVs.


We headed to the Homer Spit Campground, paid for 2 nights and a bay front site and settled in to enjoy the sunshine and breezes off the water.








After taking care of our chores we wandered around the Spit and the marina enjoying the sights and people watching.  Homer Spit Campground is a good place to spend a night or two if exploring the Spit is your thing.  When we checked out we followed the lead of several other campers and parked on the grassy shoulder of the road directly across from the campground- free and a nice view and fairly quiet at night.






Our next overnight spot was Mariner Park at the entrance to the Spit. We chose that site the night before our Katmai Bear adventure since it was only a few miles from where we needed to be at 630am the next day. These sites are mostly all water front with picnic tables and fire pits along with some really stinky port a potties-we avoided those like the plague.



This is brother and sister, Aaron and Sophia from Switzerland, we met them while wandering the beach on the Spit. Aaron is going to college in Perth , Australia studying cyber fraud and Sophia is working on her Phd in psychology in Switzerland. Sophia was astounded by the number of people ,especially young people who travel wth no goal in mind,taking their time to figure out what they want to do. She told us that in Switzerland you must have a plan at all times. She’s thinking of changing her lifestyle now! Very sweet people.


Skyline Dr Overlook


We had our fill of civilization and decided to do some stealth camping up on the Skyline Drive Overlook and ran into some lovely travelers from Rome,Italy.


When we pulled into the Overlook they had set up a little picnic table and chairs and had a little wine and cheese party going on. They invited us to join them so we did. Meet George,Elaine, Massimo and Joanne all from Rome, Italy. We shared wine and champagne with them at the scenic overlook while we talked and laughed. George is a volcanologist and gave us a good history of the Alaskan volcanoes. Tourists were stopping to take photos of the scenic view and kept commenting that we really knew how to enjoy the traveling life!  These are the moments we treasure when we travel.


Next stop, Bishops Beach in the older section of Homer.  I really wish we would have discovered this spot when we first arrived in Homer.  Oh well, live and learn. We ended up spending three days here. It is posted no over night camping but we stayed pretty stealth along with a couple of other smaller RVs and Martin and Bethany from TwoifOverland.  Our last few days in Homer were filled with sunshine,blue skies and walks on the beach.  Homer was the first town that caused Jim to say , ” I could be happy living here.”  It’s a funky artsy town and oh such scenery, but I’m not a midnight sun lifestyle kind of gal, it’s the 6 months without the sun that would do me in!



The view from Bishops Beach


Good night sweet Bishops Beach

Our time in Homer has come to an end, it’s been quite the adventure and definitely a place we could return to.  Happy trails, safe travels and may your end of the road destination bring you happiness, great views and warm lovely new friends.

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