She’s arrived !

Wild Heart

Our sweet new van has arrived in Colorado.  My heart is racing and I want to fly out there now and pick her up !  But we are upgrading the stereo and with the dealer prep she won’t be ready until August 3rd.  Jim will be flying out to bring her home.

Stackin’ for packin’

And then the fun begins-loading up a vehicle that is 3 ft shorter than Ruby and no outside storage carrier.  We sold the KOMO carrier with Ruby because we knew that we would eventually be adding a kayak rack on the rear and wouldn’t be able to have both.  The kayak rack will be added in January (hopefully for a trip to Baja for a few months).  So Wild Heart (as we have named her) has a huge garage area for storage of our kayaks,Jim’s kick boat, Hailey’s supplies, Hailey’s sleeping area and our folding bikes, along with the cords, plugs etc. which she needs.

Our camp host site, right on the Colorado River ! Photo courtesy of Two Happy Campers

Our first adventure with her will be in Southern Utah. We will be camp hosting at Big Bend Campground, a BLM site just 8 miles from Moab, UT.  We will be there from August through October. Once that gig is over we will work our way to Colorado to visit an old hiking buddy of Jim’s and then home-Jim has jury duty on Nov 27th! Our house-sitters probably won’t recognize us after 4 months !

Working on insulating room dividers for the front cab and rear door-we will be nice and toasty for lots of winter camping !

Once Wild Heart is home in our driveway, I’ll post pictures of her interior before and after we make some modifications and add some personal touches.  I feel like a little child at Christmas-so excited and so grateful we could do this.

Safe Travels and Happy Trails my friends.

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,
To gain all while you give,
To roam the roads of lands remote,
To travel is to live.”
― Hans Christian Andersen

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