Anvil Mountain


While we were waiting this past 8 months for Wild Heart to arrive, I was spending some time planning. Making supply lists; packing lists; check lists; and boondocking lists.  In spite of all my planning we still forgot a few critical pieces. The major one being our Senior Access passes!  I couldn’t believe we left both passes behind in the Subaru parked happily in Greenbank.  


Fortunately our destination , Anvil Mountain, is dispersed free camping, whew.  I discovered Anvil Campground on the Campendium website. It had good reviews and the photos looked inviting. Easy access too, it’s just outside Silverton, CO.

We landed a spot along Mineral Creek and for the three days we spent here no one camped near us. The folks upstream from us pretty much ran their generator 24×7. Fortunately the stream drown out the noise for us.


We were in the middle of a canyon, surrounded by high walls.  Good thing we were in an open spot that received plenty of sun for solar.

This is a pretty popular dispersed camping spot, especially for class A and  fifth wheels- nice turnaround areas and large camp sites,

Our experience is beginning to show that more and more folks are seeking out the isolation of dispersed camping. I just wish they would leave their generators at home or at least demonstrate some common courtesy.  Oh well, like the song goes, “You can’t always get what you want..” 

We met Tyler here at Anvil. Tyler is a lover of camping; hiking to glacier lakes and starry skies. He worked for the government in the middle of nowhere in a small village in South Africa. His work was dealing with HIV and AIDS prevention. He’s based out of Denver now, still working on the same thing for the government. He had no tent or camper and was sleeping in the bed of his pick up and loving every minute of falling asleep looking up at the star filled sky. He’s a very special person and I wish we could have spent more time with him.

When we are camping I feel like I don’t won’t to be around people, and then we meet someone like Tyler and I kick myself for all the people I may have missed along the way.

Sitting here alongside the stream I’m feeling so very grateful.  Even if I whine about generators, I know in my heart I have so much to be grateful for. I look up at the mountains, blue skies and marshmallow clouds and I’m overcome with gratitude.



We haven’t done much hiking at this site, the forest road we would follow is pretty well used all day long and very dusty, cough cough. One lesson we did learn at this site, never presume the site you think you want to camp at is the best spot for you. On the day we left we followed that dusty forest road up to a beautiful open meadow with a clear sparkling stream just waiting for someone to claim it as their boon-docking site! Lesson learned Goldilocks, you know this one is too small. This one is too big but this one is just right


Safe travels, happy trails and may all your choices be just right.

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