Desert Spirit



Driving north from Flagstaff I spotted the splash of bright pinks and purples.  And then the posters and artwork. It whizzed by in a blur of desert colors.  Turquoise, pink, coral all flashed by out of the corner of my eye.  Jim stop,go back I yelled and he did.


The art out here in the middle of nowhere touched me more than any art I have seen in a museum.  I’m sure if I ever return to this spot it will be changed in someway-the way an artist changes his or her canvas when they are looking to find something more.




I hope you take away something from the photos displayed here.  I wish I could list the name of the artists, some added their signatures some didn’t.  And I don’t know who is responsible for the photographic posters that were part of this desert gallery-I just know they touched my soul.


Power is not brute force and money

Power is in your spirit

Power is your soul it’s what your

Ancestors and your old people gave you

Power is in the earth

It is in your relationship to the earth

Winona Laduke


All roads leading up to the banner 

I stood under on the side of mountain

lined with fast food containers,

soda and beer cans 

bottles and boxes and other contributions 

as offering to the capitalistic gods of our time

In money we gather

In trash we offer



I am a list of material possessions 

that’ll decompose long after I’m gone.

A few destinations with broken hearts 

that showed me,

I am nothing more than time measured for nonsense, 

emptiness is my existence.




The juxtaposition of the Native American’s face against the San Francisco Peaks left me with such a sadness


If you are ever northbound out of Flagstaff on Highway 89 stop here and feel the spirit of the place , let it envelope you and touch your soul.

As we were leaving I walked by this discarded cap and it made me think of discarded lives…

Safe travels my friends.

3 thoughts on “Desert Spirit

  1. mkorbulic

    Beautiful, Sandy. Isn’t this why we travel? Accidentally happening into something so wonderful as this soulful and sorrowful from-the-heart desert art.


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