The Beautiful Cassiar Highway

Good Hope Lake, British Columbia

This was our second trip to Alaska .  During the original trip we used both the Alcan and the Cassiar Highway for our journey.  On that journey we fell in love with the Cassiar Highway and saw no need to utilize the Alcan for our North or South journey for this trip.  Contrary to popular belief the Cassiar Highway is paved !  It’s a quiet, relatively unused highway. Fuel stations are far and few between, so top off at every opportunity if you choose the Cassiar.


Life along the Cassiar is incredibly beautiful.  We saw more wild life and had the opportunity to experience the Native environment more than we did on the Alcan.


One spot we look forward to stopping at , no matter what direction we are traveling, is Good Hope Lake.  The first time we stopped here I was overwhelmed by its beauty and I still am.  It’s less than 50 feet off the highway and I’m constantly amazed that it is so accessible. It is definitely made for small rigs, I don’t think a Class A or a large Class C could maneuver the hill and u turn to get to the beach area.  It is more of a day use area but there are a few small spots available to camp.  As of this writing, there are “no overnight camping signs” posted.  But please, clean up your garbage, pack it in , pack it out.  Also be a good steward, if you see someone else’s garbage, be the better camper and pick it up .

We tried to interest Kitkat in the activity of this beaver, but she could have cared less.  Probably because she had no interest in jumping in the water to investigate.
My first cross fox, so beautiful and so inquisitive.
He heard Kitkat squealing and growling, somehow trying to talk to him . He started running towards our rig, circled it a few times and then sat down in the middle of the road, content that he had investigated the sounds.and found no issue.
This has been such an adventure for Kitkat, I wish she could tell us what she thinks about all the places we have taken her.
It seems like these Dall Sheep have posed for photos before.  Everyone was interested in checking us out !
And this little one was my favorite, what a look on that sweet face.
I almost missed him peeking out from the grasses until Jim pointed him out.  Views like this are typical along the Cassiar Highway.

After leaving Good Hope Lake we knew we would stumble on our next boon-docking spot somehow.  And that somehow turned out to be via one of our favorite apps –iOverlander.  We thought we would camp at Meziadin Lake Provincial Park, boo hoo, it was closed for the season.  But we found the forest road around the outer edge of the park – perfect. We set up near the bridge that crossed a beautiful fishing stream for Jim.

Lucky us, we were camped just a few feet from this view.  Jim got a few bites but that was it !
This momma and her tiny baby were hidden in the high brush .  We saw the tip of the baby’s head first and thought it might be a porcupine (we were a couple hundred yards away).  As we approached, momma came into view and led her sweet baby into the woods.

There is such a peaceful vibe found here.  It’s even evident in the playful postings on the beach “cabana”.  Everyone is invited to leave a comment.  Of course I thought they were so fun and creative I had to take some photos.

I will always hold the memories of Good Hope Lake deep in my heart.  Stop and visit if you travel the Cassiar Highway.

“Places I love come back to me like music,
Hush me and heal me when I am very tired;

Excerpt from The Collected Poems, Sara Teasdale

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