Still Wild

I,believe, as do so many of my fellow Americans, that the wild horse is an irreplaceable national treasure. It would be a tragic mistake to allow this noble creature to disappear from our western landscape.”– Robert Redford

I can’t begin to explain the feeling in my heart when we discovered the herd of wild horses near McCullough Peak. It was a dream come true. Watching them all day long, keeping my distance while respecting their freedom. My heart was filled with such joy to see them roaming the land and yet my spirit while it soared was also filled with sadness for those wild horses all over this country who either no longer enjoy their freedom or are in the process of being rounded up and sent to Bureau of Land Management holding pens. Who knows what future awaits the captured ones.

Sit back and enjoy their wildness and their beauty

A tribute from RT Fitch- The Wild Horse Prayer of Thanks

Thank you, Great Spirit, for the blessing of today.

We give thanks for the gift of this day; for being granted another opportunity to be alive from when the sun comes up until it retreats into the night.

For those of us who live wild and free, under the deep blue sky, we thank you for the unfettered glory of living our lives as you meant them to be lived.

Those of us who awoke inside crowded and dusty pens thank you for another chance; perhaps today will be the day that we are set free to run with our families across our plains, once again.

We penned ones want to, also, thank you for the chance to make the point, to send the message and to be the martyrs for the lesson that you have laid upon us.

We can endure the pain, suffering and even death knowing that by being the silent recipients of all of man’s evil we will bring to light the need for change; you have taught us well.

Our thanks go to you for the wisdom of your plan that one day mankind will look at what he does, to us, and change his direction in how he treats this world.

It is through your design that man will, once again, become as one with his surroundings and the living creatures that walk upon this planet; and you have chosen us to be the carriers of you message.

By the abuse that is rained down upon us, man’s eyes will be opened to the atrocities that he both intentionally and unknowingly commits against man, beast, earth, water and air.  Our suffering will be his awaking.

You anguished through this with your Son, oh Wise One, and the message was heard.  It is our hope that this message is received while our diminishing numbers can still survive.

We also give thanks for those two legged allies who stand beside us and give us a voice when we cannot speak; they are a special breed and we know that they walk very close to you, Great Spirit.

They come in many shapes and sizes and help in so many ways.  From extending a gentle hand to fighting a war of words, they are there.  They have been with us for years, bearing witness to our suffering which has hurt them as well; yet they remain beside us, fighting, planning, giving of themselves and glowing with hope.

Their warmth sustains us, their courage buoys us and their love uplifts us.  We thank them too, Great One, as through their work with you, a tribe of our brothers will run free for just a little longer, even if it is only a matter of days.  The gift of just one day is very special to a wild horse as we live in the now, the past cannot be changed and through our actions of today, tomorrow will be cast.

We thank you this special day and ask that you grant blessings upon those who speak for us; their efforts rewarded with divine love and hope for we need none ourselves as you have blessed us with this day and what a wonderful day it is.

Thank you, kind Master, for your blessing of today.

I end with a quote from an unknown author:

Riding is for those people who see not a horse but a spirit next to them

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